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In 2004-2005, Larry Dominick organized a reform coalition of Republicans, Democrats and Independents that yearned for positive change in Cicero.

Dominick’s vision for what he called “New Cicero” and the support of this reform coalition carried Dominick to a tremendous upset victory in the race for Cicero Town President in February 2005.

Since assuming the Town Presidency in May 2005, Dominick has maintained his political independence and the Cicero Voters Alliance/Larry Dominick Team is a testament to that political independence.

The Cicero Voters Alliance, under the leadership of Dominick, is a volunteer, grassroots organization of concerned Cicero residents whose mission is two-fold: (1) to support candidates for elective office at the local, state, and federal levels who will best represent and advocate for the interests of Cicero town residents; and (2) to further the policy goals of the Dominick administration consistent with the Town President’s publicly stated vision for “New Cicero.”

The Cicero Voters Alliance aims to promote the standard by which President Dominick has stated he will judge the success of his tenure. “If I can help improve the life of one child for every day I am in office,” Dominick has said. “Then I will consider my term as Town President a success.”